Domuyo - 8 days


Domuyo - November until April

Domuyo is the highest peak in Patagonia standing 4710m above sea level. Domuyo is actually a volcano with a huge crater. In the local mapuche language it means “The shaky one“. It is still a little active as it produces steam chimneys and has thermal activity. The climb is very straight forward and very accessible for anyone fit enough.

Requirements for joining this trip are:


Domuyo - 8 days

Day 1 – Neuquén – Varvaco

Our trip starts at Neuquén, province’s capital. We’ll pick you up at the airport and drive you for 400km (about 5 hours) to Chos Malal, the largest city at the northern part of the province.

After lunch we’ll keep driving another 100 km, passing through farmers villages. Two hours later we arrive to Varvarco, the last village before the trek. We stay in a hostel, where we can organise our personal and expedition equipment.

Day 2 – Varvaco – BC – 3000m

After breakfast we will drive for around one hour to the end of the road. After meeting the horse driver and giving him all duffels, we start hiking for around 4 hours to BC at 3000 mts. Our camp will be on a glacier valley close to a lagoon right at the base of the mountain.

Day 3 – Carry to Camp 1 – 38000m

We will hike to camp I (3800 mts), for acclimatisation and to carry some gear. It will take around 5 hours round trip. Back at BC we will enjoy the afternoon taking photos of the surroundings.

Day 4 – BC – C1 – 3800m

After taking down camp packing our backpacks, we will start hiking again. After 3 hours we get to our camp site, a beautiful spot with an amazing view.

Day 5 – Summit Attempt – 4710m

We will wake up at 5 for breakfast. At about 6:30 we’ll start climbing to reach the summit. This is the hardest and longest day in the trip. After summiting we descent to camp 1.

Day 6 – C1 – Varvaco

We will take down the tents and go back to BC. After sorting the duffels for the horses, we start the hike back to the start of the road. We then drive back to Varvarco and have a celebration dinner! Night at hostel.

Day 7 – Varvaco – Neuquen

After breakfast we will drive back to Neuquén. Night in a Hotel.

Day 8 – Flight back home

** The above itinerary is subject to change due weather conditions, performance of the group, political / administrative problems and any other events not described.



Having good mountaineering equipment is one of the key points to have a successful expedition. Please note all your personal equipment will be checked by one of our guides in the hotel.

  • equipamento buff


    Buff or similar

    Quantity: 1
  • gorro neblina cinza copia


    Woollen hat or similar for cold days

    Quantity: 1
  • xNxExplorer noir vert J

    Sunglasses (cat 3 or 4)

    With side protection to fit your face

    Quantity: 1
  • xNxlanterna


    Working headtorch and spare batteries

    Quantity: 1
  • Light down jacket

    Quantity: 1 Quantity: 1
  • Snowproof jacket

    A good snow, rain and windproof jacket

    Quantity: 1
  • camiseta dry


    Synthetic fibre long or short sleeve t-shirt

    Quantity: 2 long sleeve if possible
  • Fleece jacket

    Used alone or as part of a layer system for better performance

    Quantity: 1
  • Caláa de Trekking

    Trekking pants

    Light trekking pants

    Quantity: 1
  • Gaiters

    For snow, sand or scree terrain

    Quantity: 1 pair
  • caláa segunda pele

    Base layer pants

    For very cold days and summit push

    Quantity: OPTIONAL
  • Caláa anorak

    Snowproof pants

    Goretex or similar pants will be used for high wind or during snow conditions

    Quantity: 1
  • Waterproof gloves

    A pair of good waterproof gloves for ice climbing with padded knuckles

    Quantity: OPTIONAL
  • Screen Shot    at

    Hand warmers

    Chemical hand warmers for the summit push.

    Quantity: OPTIONAL
  • Luvas segunda camada


    Fleece or polartec gloves for every day use

    Quantity: 1 pair
  • boot

    Single layer boots

    Any single layer boot such as Nepal Extreme, Latok, Batura, pro Thermic Salomon, Super Mountain 9 Salomon, etc

    Quantity: OPTIONAL
  • Trekking boots

    Waterproof trekking boots, try wearing them before the expedition

    Quantity: Make sure they're waterproof!
  • Meias de trekking

    Trekking socks

    Good thick trekking socks

    Quantity: 1 pair
  • Thick expedition socks

    For summit day

    Quantity: OPTIONAL
  • Double boots

    A pair of double or double plastic boots such as Koflach Exped, Koflach Vertical, Asolo Ottomilla, Asolo AFS, Trezetta, Scarpa Vega, Scarpa Inferno, La Sportiva Baruntse, Olympus Mons, La Sportiva Spantik, Scarpa Phantom, La Sportiva G2.

    Single layer boots such as La Sportiva Nepal XT, EVO, Batura or Boreal Latok, ARE NOT SUITABLE.

    Quantity: OPTIONAL (for very cold months)
Technical equipment
  • Helmet

    A light helmet with enough room for your clothing

    Quantity: 1
  • Ice axe

    A traverse ice axe (piolet). Can be a straight tool or slightly curved.

    Quantity: 1
Other Equipment
  • Inflatable matress

    An inflatable mattress and its repair kit

    Quantity: OPTIONAL
  • Sunscreen

    25fps or above, any brand

    Quantity: 1
  • Carbo gels

    These gels help out on recovery

    Quantity: 1
  • Saco de dormir

    Sleeping Bag

    A good down sleeping

    Quantity: -5C (Comfort temperature)
  • Rucksack

    A decent rucksack with hip belt and rain cover

    Quantity: 55 litres or more
  • Personal Hygiene kit

    Soap, tooth brus, come, etc

    Quantity: kit
  • Isolante tÇrmico

    Sleeping mattress

    We prefer taking 2 foam sleeping mattress because of sharp rocks. If you have an inflatable mattress you should also bring a foam mattress to protect the inflatable one against sharp rocks. Don’t forget bringing a repair kit if you have an inflatable mattress.

    Quantity: 1
  • Water bottle

    Nalgene 1 litre bottles or similar are great for expeditions! We prefer to not use camelbacks as its hose pipe might freeze

    Quantity: 2 x 1 litre
  • Duffel Bag

    Used to transport or store your equipment. In many cases, we transport your personal gear on animals and we don’t want your equipment to get wet or have mule smell…

    Quantity: 1 (for the horses)
  • Bast∆o de caminhada

    Trekking poles

    Gives you more stability during walk and summit push.

    Quantity: 1 or pair


View our photos of Adrian Penzotti:

Adrian Penzotti

Mountain Guide

Language skills:

English - excellent command
Spanish - native speaker

Adrián started mountaineering very young. While he was a porter in Aconcagua, he joined the EPGAMT guiding school in Mendoza and graduated as a High Altitude Mountain Guide in 1999. Depending on which season, Adrián spreads his time in between mountain guiding, teaching first aid WFR courses and mountain biking. Al of these in large numbers: led 36 expeditions to Mount Aconcagua, taught over 32 WFR courser and cycled over 13,000 km in a single cycling trip in South America.

Adrian participated in a large number of expeditions in the Andes of Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru and the Alps of France, Italy, and Switzerland. Although he looks pretty serious, anyone who spends 5 minutes with him will soon figure out what a funny character he actually is!



Cost varies according to the number of participants, contact us to know payment methods:

Price for 1 person:   U$ 2800
Price for 2 persons: U$ 1600
Price for 3 persons: U$ 1500
Price for 4 persons: U$ 1550
Price for 5 persons: U$ 1400
Price for 6 persons: U$ 1200

What’s included:

  • Leadership of Adrian Penzotti, EPGAMT mountain guide;
  • 1 or 2 assistant mountain guides (EPGAMT/AAGM certification) depending upon number or clients;
  • Transportation Neuquén > Varvarco > Neuquén, in private car;
  • 2 nights at hostel in Varvarco;
  • Horses to carry all gear to Domuyo BC;
  • All meals on the mountain;
  • Tents and cooking gear;
  • One night in standard hotel at Neuquén;
  • Safety and emergency equipment (First Aid kit, delorme satphone, VHF radio)

What NOT included:

  • International and domestic flights;
  • Personal equipment (check equipment tab);
  • Meals in Neuquen and during the drives;
  • Money return in case you abandon the trip;
  • International travel insurance;
  • Reimbursement for loss or damage of your personal equipment;

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