K2 Basecamp Trek – Pakistan - 182.8 km - 21 days


K2 Basecamp Trek – Pakistan - 06/22/2020 a 07/12/2020

CONFIRMED DATE – 27 June 2022 to 17 July 2022

Islamabad – Skardu – Askoli – Concordia – K2 Basecamp

If you already have mountain and trekking experience and are looking for an out-of-the-way itinerary, K2 is the place you want to go. If there is a place on earth that is not for tourists, it is the Baltoro Glacier in Pakistan. One of the longest glaciers on earth outside the polar regions.

This beautiful and challenging trekking takes you to the base of the famous K2, the second highest mountain on earth. K2 is in the heart of Karakoram, on the Himalayas, and to get there you have to walk for 1 week through glaciers and rocks.

The Karakoram region has 5 mountains over 8000 meters, at least 25 mountains over 7000 meters and hundreds over 6000 meters.

Our trekking is actually a crossing, as it goes in one way and goes out the other.


K2 Basecamp Trek – Pakistan - 182.8 km - 21 days

K2 BC Trek – Pakistan – 21 days
Islamabad – Skardu – Askoli – K2 BC

182.8 km Total Distance
22/06/2020 to 12/07/2020

Day 1 – Arrival to Islamabad
Day 2 – Flight to Skardu (or drive to Chilas)
Day 3 – Day in Skardu (or drive from Chilas to Skardu)
Day 4 – 4WD to Askole – 3000m
Day 5 – Trekking – Askole to Jhula – 3150m – 19.4 km
Day 6 – Trekking – Jhula to Paju – 3450m – 19.9 km
Day 7 – Rest at Paju – 3450m
Day 8 – Trekking – Paju to Urdokas – 4000m – 17.9 km
Day 9 – Trekking – Urdokas to Goro 2 – 4300m – 12.3 km
Day 10 – Trekking – Goro 2 to Concordia – 4600m – 10.9 km
Day 11 – Concoria to K2 BC and return – 5000m – 22 km
Day 12 – Rest at Concordia – 5000m
Day 13 – Trekking – Concordia to Goro 1 – 4240m – 14.6 km
Day 14 – Trekking – Goro 1 to Koburtche – 3820m – 12.7 km
Day 15 – Trekking – Koburtche to Bardumal – 3330m – 15.9 km
Day 16 – Trekking – Bardumal to Korophon – 3050m – 24.9 km
Day 17 – Trekking – Korophon to Askoli – 3040m – 11 km
Day 18 – 4WD to Skardu – 1500m
Day 19 – Flight to Islamabad (or drive to Chilas)
Day 20 – Day in Islamabad (or drive to Islamabad)
Day 21 – Flight home


I heard that K2 trekking is hard, is it true?

This trekking is very long and demanding when compared to other trekkings. We recommend you not try this trek if you are not able to spend so much time hiking. It is imperative that:

  • You have experience at high altitudes, camps and crossings
  • You can walk for 15 days straight
  • 7 to 8 hour walks every day
  • 17 days without Wifi or 4G
  • 12 days without bath
  • Be open to unforeseen events such as floods, coups d’état, long storms, earthquakes, and so on…

Is it true that the Taliban has shooted climbers with machine guns Pakistan?

Yes. But there it is not as normal as in Brazil for exemple, where machine gun killings has happened several times. In Pakistan it happened only once in 2013 at the base of a mountain called Nanga Parbat. At the time, an American drone bombed 3 local villages as American troops “mistook” them for gun factories. The attack on climbers came as retaliation for the incident.

Do I need a visa to enter Pakistan?
Probably. Look for this information at the Pakistani consulate in your country.
What documents do I need for this trekking?
  • Travel / Rescue Insurance
  • Passport valid for at least 6 months;
  • 3 recent 3 × 4 photos;
  • Bank statements of the last 3 months;
  • Copy of last pay stub;
  • Copy of ID;
  • International Certificate of Yellow Fever Vaccine (original and copy);
  • Copy of airline ticket (if you already have one);
  • Criminal record.
How much money do I need to take?
Once we leave Islamabad, all expenses are covered by us with the exception of drinks, souvenirs, tips, etc. You need money to buy or rent equipment, and pay for food in Islamabad. We recommend $ 1200 in US currency. Remember to take more if you are one who likes to buy a lot of souvenirs or needs a lot of equipment.
  • Lunch and dinner in Islamabad = USD 200
  • Tips = USD 350
  • Rentals = USD 200
  • Reservation = USD 450
  • TOTAL = USD 1200
Can I pay the equipment with credit card?
No. You need to pay for the equipment in cash.
What temperature should my sleeping bag stand?
We recommend a comfortable temperatire from -10ºC to -15ºC. Remember that the night temperature of this region in summer can reach -20º outside. WATCH OUT because “EXTREME temperature” of your sleeping bag and “COMFORT temperature” are two diferent things!



The total cost is USD 3.750, and it includes: 
  • Leadership of an Andes Specialists guide;
  • Assistant Guides (1 guide for every 3 or 4 trekkers);
  • Help with buying or renting equipment in Skardu;
  • Transfer from the airport to the hotel and vice versa;
  • Domestic flight Islamabad – Skardu (via PIA);
  • Trekking permits in Pakistan;
  • Assistance for visas;
  • Pakistani Army Liaison Officers;
  • 2 nights at a 3-star hotel (Hotel Envoy Continental) with breakfast in Islamabad (rooms are shared by every 2 expedition members (Hotel Envoy Continental);
  • 2 nights hotel in Skardu (Mashabrum Hotel or similar);
  • Up to 15 kg cargo transportation throughout the trekking;
  • Emergency medical equipment such as oxygen, medicines, others;
  • Breakfast, lunch (or snack) and dinner throughout the whole trek;
  • 4×4 vehicle transportation to / from Askoli;
  • High performance tents (for each two people);
  • Refectory tents and restrooms tents throughout the whole trekking.
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