Petrópolis x Teresópolis Crossing – Brazil - 3 days


Petrópolis x Teresópolis Crossing – Brazil - All year.

Petrópolis x Teresópolis Crossing – USD 500 (limited places)

* The new Park rules require that the id number and participant name be informed at the time of ticket purchase, so we will take a minimum of 2 people. Consult the date of interest x availability of the guide!

Serra dos Órgãos National Park is located in the State of Rio de Janeiro, between the cities of Petrópolis and Teresópolis. The trekking crosses the two cities and it’s the most classic crossing in Brazil. With its beautiful mountains and beautiful landscapes, it’s considered one of the most beautiful treks in the country. From there you can see Guanabara Bay, Corcovado, Pão de Açucar and Pedra da Gávea. Known for its impressive pointy peaks, Serra dos Órgãos Crossing is a beautiful challenge for those who want to venture into Brazil’s mountains. One of its rock massifs, called Dedo de Deus (God’s Finger), actually resembles a closed fist with its index finger pointing up. Dedo de Deus is considered the most beautiful mountain in Brazil.

Requirements for joining this trip are:

  • Will to have fun;
  • Basic trekking experience;
  • Good health and physical prepared;
  • Fill the booking and medical form;
  • To be able to carry backpacks;
  • Read all the information available in this website.


Petrópolis x Teresópolis Crossing – Brazil - 3 days

You need to take a plane to the city of Rio de Janeiro, and there you take a bus to the city of Petropolis (we will help you with all the information you need to get there). In Petropolis we can meet at a meeting point in the city, or we can pick you up at the bus station for USD 30.

Day 1 – Petropolis – Castelos do Açú – 7km

Included: Transport, trail Snack and dinner

We will meet in Petropolis in the morning, about 8 am. Than we will drive to the start of the trail. We will walk through a very pleasant Atlantic Forest region, always climbing towards the top of the mountain. After passing through the forest, we will walk through high fields, with the body exposed to the wind and sun. This day has a very steep climb, requiring a lot of strength in the knees, but it is a short day. We will arrive at Castelos do Açu in the late afternoon, where we will set up camp and start preparing dinner.

Day 2 – Castelos do Açú – Pedra do Sino – 11km

Included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

We’ll wake up just before sunrise and disassemble while the guides are preparing breakfast. Right at the beginning of the trek we’ll have to overcome the hardest part: a short climb on a via ferrata. On this day we’ll climb over 6 different peaks. We’ll get to the base of Pedra do Sino where the staff will start to set up camp, meanwhile the rest of the team will keep going to the summit to enjoy the great views and sunset.

Day 3 – Pedra do Sino – Teresópolis – 12km

Included: Breakfast, trail snack and transport

We will enjoy the sunrise while our staff prepares breakfast. On this day we will only go down, 12 km towards Teresópolis. Along the way, we will walk through the Atlantic Forest until we reach the park headquarters in Teresópolis. When we arrive, we will take a hot shower and go to the restaurant (not included) to toast our achievement.

** The above itinerary is subject to change due weather conditions, performance of the group, and other events.


Having good mountaineering equipment is one of the key points to have a safe and enjoyable trek. You will need good trekking equipment. Please note all your personal equipment will be checked by one of our guides in the hotel or hostel. Some of the equipment can be purchased in Rio but you cannot rent it.

We suggest this checklist: 

Backpack with at least 65 liters and rain cover
Waterproof and pre-softened hiking boot
Thermal insulation
Sleeping bag to -5ºC (comfort)
Trekking pants
Dry fit t-shirt
Long sleeve blouse to protect the arms
Anorak pants
Gloves for cold
Baby wipes
Toothpaste and brush
Photographic camera
Plate, cutlery and cup
Clean clothes to return home

  • xNxExplorer noir vert J

    Sunglasses (cat 3 or 4)

    With side protection to fit your face

  • GG

    Sunscreen and lip balm

    30 FPS or more

  • xNxlanterna


    Working headtorch and spare batteries

  • Snowproof jacket

    A good snow, rain and windproof jacket

  • camiseta dry


    Synthetic fibre long or short sleeve t-shirt

  • Fleece jacket

    Used alone or as part of a layer system for better performance

  • Caláa de Trekking

    Trekking pants

    Light trekking pants

  • Caláa anorak

    Snowproof pants

    Goretex or similar pants will be used for high wind or during snow conditions

  • Luvas segunda camada


    Fleece or polartec gloves for every day use

  • Trekking boots

    Waterproof trekking boots, try wearing them before the expedition

  • Meias de trekking

    Trekking socks

    Good thick trekking socks

Other Equipment
  • Water purifying tables/drops

    A reliable way to treat water

    Quantity: OPTIONAL
  • Carbo gels

    These gels help out on recovery

  • Stuff sacks or bin bags

    Helps to keep your stuff dry and organised

  • Saco de dormir

    Sleeping Bag

    A good down sleeping

  • Rucksack

    A decent rucksack with hip belt and rain cover

  • Altitude medicine

    Our guides already have pretty much any drugs you might need during any trip. However, it would be great if you could have a spare tab of the most used drugs:

    Ibuprofen (Advil)– This is an anti-inflammatory and works great for high altitude head aches
    Loperamide (Imodium) – controls diarrea (not to be used in case of digestive infections. Ask our guides)

  • Personal Hygiene kit

    Soap, tooth brus, come, etc

  • Isolante tÇrmico

    Sleeping mattress

    We prefer taking 2 foam sleeping mattress because of sharp rocks. If you have an inflatable mattress you should also bring a foam mattress to protect the inflatable one against sharp rocks. Don’t forget bringing a repair kit if you have an inflatable mattress.

  • Water bottle

    Nalgene 1 litre bottles or similar are great for expeditions! We prefer to not use camelbacks as its hose pipe might freeze

  • Bast∆o de caminhada

    Trekking poles

    Gives you more stability during walk and summit push.


Who will carry tents and pots?

Each participant is responsible for carrying it’s own personal equipment. In addition you are expected to help carrying a share of the group equipment such as tent parts and food.

Where do we sleep?

Although the park has shelters, the places are always crowded, so we have to carry tents. We’ll be camped next to the shelters.

Can I shower during the trek?

The huts have a gas shower, however the queue is normally quite big. If you want to face it, no problem. It costs 10 reals (approximately 3 usd) for 5 minutes.

I am/will be in Rio, how can I get to Petropolis?

There are buses going from Rio to Petropolis. We can arrange transport for you, just let us know exactly where you are.

What if the weather is bad for the weekend?

The priority is safety. Even with some adverse conditions, we can make the crossing. If the forecast is undoubtedly right and rains for the whole 3 days, we can postpone the trip. If any participant cannot attend the new date, the money will be returned.

Do you include equipment?

We include group equipment such as pots and tents. In addition, we will take a first aid kit. Personal equipment such as jacket, etc can be purchased in Rio or São Paulo.

What sort of food do you serve for lunch?

We normally lay out food on picnic cloth so everyone can choose the items.

Can I take my little son with me?

Children older than 10 years old are very welcome. As long as they are active and used to trekking.

What if I get hurt?

Our guides are experienced and trained rescuers. They carry a complete first aid kit. In addition, the NP can organise a rescue if needed.

Can I drive to Petropolis?

Yes. And your car can be parked safely as well.

I’m a vegetarian, will you serve vegetarian food?

Yes, we base our menu on whatever dietary restrictions you’ve listed in the booking form. Let us know if you have any dietary restrictions.

Is there an age limit to participate in this trip?

We accept adventurers from 10 to 65 years old.

What is the experience necessary for this trip?

It is important that you have already done any sort of treks, preferably on mountains or multi-day treks. It is essential that you have no fear of heights as we’ll pass over some very exposed cliffs.



The total investment of the script is USD 500.

What’s included:

  • English speaking leader guide;
  • Emergency care insurance;
  • 1 or 2 local guides depending upon the number of clients;
  • Breakfasts, dinner and trail snacks during the trek;
  • Tents;
  • Environmental fees and National Park tax;
  • First aid kit;

What’s not included:

  • Transport to Petrópolis (we can arrange for you, let us know where you are)
  • Personal equipment (check equipment tab);
  • Dinner on last day;
  • Money return in case you abandon the trip;
  • Travel insurance;
  • Reimbursement for loss or damage of your personal equipment.
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