Salinas – Rio de Janeiro - 2 days


Salinas – Rio de Janeiro - All year round

Salinas is one of the most mythical climbing crags in Brazil. It is the Brazilian version of a little (but not so little) Yosemite. Salinas it’s the highest point of the Serra do Mar range raising 2320 metres above sea level. Salinas has 3 major peaks: Pico Maior (Higher Peak), Pico Médio (Medium Peak) and Capacete (Helmet). Salinas routes are very committing as they have their own style of protection and some of the routes can be higher than 1000 metres!

Reachable by relatively easy access from populated areas, the Salinas massif has some of the most impressive views in the country. Its peaks are extremely prominent creating a unique scenario for long sports and trad climbing. If you don’t actually know how to climb, you might want to try our climbing course in Rio.

These are some of our route suggestions:

  • Via Leste: 4° V (6+/A0) 700m – The most traditional route to the summit and the longest – 10 hour climb + descent
  • No Mundo da Lua: 5° V+ E3 400m – 5 to 6 hour climb + descent
  • CERJ: 5° A0 400m – R$ 500m – 6 to 8 hour climb + descent
  • Sólidas Ilusões: 4°-V E3 500m- 6 to 8 hour climb + descent
  • Roberta Groba: 5°-VI 500m- 6 to 8 hour climb + descent
  • El Cabong: 5°-Vl E2 500m- 6 to 8 hour climb + descent

Requirements for joining the programme are:

  • Will to have fun;
  • Moderate rock climbing experience;
  • Good health and physically prepared;
  • Fill the booking and medical form;
  • Read all the information available on this website.


Salinas – Rio de Janeiro - 2 days

Day 1 – Drive from Rio – Salinas

We’ll meet today for an equipment check, pick up some food and drive to Salinas. We’ll prepare equipment, fill up the water bottles a prepare some snacks for the big day tomorrow.

Day 2 – Climbing at Pico Maior or Capacete

Depending upon the route we’ve chosen, we’ll leave before sunrise and hit the base of the rock at first light. Some of the long routes can require 8 hours and this is why we need to wake up so early. After the climbs, we’ll return to the car and drive back to Rio to arrive there late night.


Please note we include the following climbing equipment:

  • Harness
  • Helmet
  • Carabiners
  • Ropes
  • Climbing Slings
  • Climbing shoes
  • Abseiling devices

We DO NOT include the following equipment:

  • Hat or cap

    For sun protection

    Quantity: 1
  • equipamento buff


    Buff or similar

    Quantity: 1
  • xNxExplorer noir vert J

    Sunglasses (cat 3 or 4)

    With side protection to fit your face

    Quantity: OPTIONAL
  • xNxlanterna


    Working headtorch and spare batteries

    Quantity: 1
  • Light down jacket

    Quantity: OPTIONAL for winter
  • Snowproof jacket

    A good snow, rain and windproof jacket

    Quantity: 1 light windshell
  • camiseta dry


    Synthetic fibre long or short sleeve t-shirt

  • Caláa de Trekking

    Trekking pants

    Light trekking pants

    Quantity: 1
Other Equipment
  • Day snack

    1 snack kit for each day of the course. You can take anything which can be easily transported.

    Quantity: 1 or 2
  • Sunscreen

    25fps or above, any brand

    Quantity: 1
  • Water Bottle

    Any sort of water container for hydration

    Quantity: 3 litres
  • Small Rucksack

    25 to 35 litres for water, food and personal belongings

    Quantity: 1
  • Carbo gels

    These gels help out on recovery

    Quantity: 2


View our photos of Alex Ribeiro:

Alex Ribeiro

Rock climbing guide

Language skills:

English - excellent command
Portuguese - native speaker

Climber and mountaineer for over 25 years, Alex began climbing and mountaineering in 1990. A man of few words, Alex Ribeiro is a rock climbing reference in Brazil. He's the author of 2 climbing books, "Dividir and Conquistar" (To Share and To Conquer, 2000) and "Manual de abertura de vias" (Route Opening Manual, 2013). Additionally, he has written dozens of articles for magazines, websites, and newspapers.

Conqueror of over 200 climbing routes in several Brazilian states, some of his routes are amongst the largest climbing routes in Brazil. He's also an Industrial Rope Access Supervisor and is a certified rescuer in height and confined spaces.



For long 700 metre routes (i.e. Via Leste: 4° V (6+/A0) 700m)

Price for 1 person: U$ 255
Price for 2 persons: U$ 425

For shorter 500 metre routes (i.e. No Mundo da Lua: 5° V+ E3 400m)

Price for 1 person: U$ 190
Price for 2 persons: U$ 295

What’s included:

  • English speaking leader guide;
  • All rock climbing equipment: climbing shoes, helmet, harness, carabiners, slings, etc;
  • First aid kit;
  • Transport from Rio;
  • Dinner in a Hostel;

What’s not included:

  • Personal equipment (check equipment tab);
  • Money return in case you abandon the trip;
  • Reimbursement for loss or damage of your personal equipment.
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