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Maximo Kausch

Founder and expedition leader

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Maximo Kausch is one of the most accomplished climbers in the world. He is the current world record holder on number of 6000 metre peaks having reached the summit of 89 x 6000 metre peaks and climbed over 100 more extreme altitude worldwide. As expedition leader, Maximo has led several expeditions all over the world. He has climbed many 8000 metre peaks, including Mount K2 in Pakistan.

He was born in Argentina, raised in Brazil and lived over 10 years in the UK. Max is a full-time climber and guide. He literally spends most of his time in the mountains, mainly at the Andes and Himalaya. During his expeditions, Maximo has climbed some of the most remote mountains in the planet and visited at least 30 countries.

Max is a very calm person and focuses on safety and good acclimatisation plans during his expeditions. He is a trained rescuer and has extensive knowledge in high altitude medicine and medical emergencies. On his spare time, Maximo likes rock and mixed climbing in remote mountains.

In 2012 he started an unprecedented project alone and climbed 30 mountains over 6000 meters all alone. His project in now recognised as one of the main exploring projects in the Andes. Max wants to climb all 6000 metres peaks in the Andes by 2019, a total of 104. He has been to at least 11 x 8000-metre expedition at the Himalayas and has plenty extreme logistic experience. Over the years he has helped hundreds of clients to reach the summit of various mountains.


World Record: Maximo has recently become the record holder of the most number of 6000 metre peaks. He has been to at least 170 high altitude mountains over his 19 years of climbing experience.

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Angel Armesto

High altitude mountain guide

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Portuguese - excellent command

Angel Ezequiel Armesto is a professional high mountaineering guide, graduated in 2001 at EPGAMT Mendoza. Angel was actually one the first high mountaineering guides graduated at EPGAMT Mendoza. Since then he has successfully guided 72 expeditions to Aconcagua and several at the Himalayan Range, including 2 x Everest expeditions, Cho Oyu, Ama Dablam, among others. He has also led expeditions with very complex logistics to very remote peaks including Vinson in Antarctica. In the Andean range alone, Angel has climbed over 75 different extreme altitude peaks.

Angel is an extremely relaxed and easy going person. He’s the kind of guy who can have a solid conversation on subjects ranging from quantum physics to politics or from world macroeconomy to gut microbiology.

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Mario Sepulveda

Expedition leader and rock climbing instructor

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English - good command
Spanish -  native speaker

Chilean leader Mario Sepulveda Palma is our Atacama specialist. He is currently the person with the most ascents to Ojos del Salado - world’s largest volcano - with over 60 ascents. Mario is an excellent skier and competed in world championships as ski touring athlete. He also represented Chile in many competitions in other South American countries.

Mario started guiding in 2001. Since then he led expeditions in most of the Andes specially at the dry Atacama Andes. He has some pretty amazing accomplishments including an expedition to Kangchenjunga (8598m in Nepal) with no oxygen and no sherpas. Mario is certainly the guy you want to have around when you climb anything at the Atacama.

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Andy Jones

High Altitude Mountain Guide

Language skills:

Spanish -  native speaker
English - excellent command

Nearly everyone who went to Aconcagua has heard of Andy Jones. He's one of the most accomplished guides in the region and has summited Aconcagua 44 times! Andy was born in Rosario, Argentina's capital of the pampas (flatlands). During his early career, he worked as a physical educator (a job he's still very proud to keep), but eventually moved to Mendoza and lives there for the last 26 years. Andy Jones has climbed every sort of Andean mountain since he started climbing in the early 90s. He also climbed several high peaks including the highest in Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina. The well-known Andy Jones is an extremely relaxed and easy going person. All this patience probably led him to conquer the reputation of being one of the most successful guides in Argentina with one of the highest summit ratios in the country. Andy is definitely the guy who you want to have around if just started climbing high mountains.

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Eduardo Tonetti

Mountain Guide and Trekking Guide

Language skills:

Portuguese - native speaker
Spanish -  near native speaker
English - good command

Eduardo Tonetti was born in São Paulo - Brazil and was in the advertising business for 15 years. In 2010 he decided to quit his career and guide for living. After 4 years of studies, Edu has graduated at EPGAMT Guiding School in Mendoza. He is now a professional mountain guide and a WFR trained rescuer, licensed to guide in Aconcagua among many other Andean peaks.

Edu has been a rock climber for 13 years and has extensive experience in several rock climbing areas. He specialized in high altitude mountaineering and climbed dozens of mountains in the region. Edu has climbed big mountains like Aconcagua (6962m, 11 times), Ojos del Salado (6898m), Tres Cruces Sur (6738m), Tres Cruces Central (6640m), Mercedario (6770M), Tupungato (6556m), Cerro Plata (5943m), Vicuñas (6087m), among others.

Eduardo has worked with human development and coaching in São Paulo, Brazil and he is now using mountaineering as coaching activities having amazing results!

He has been working in Aconcagua for the last 4 years in a row and started as a porter in 2012. He worked his way up and has now led several expeditions at Central and dry Andes.

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Adrian Penzotti

Mountain Guide

Language skills:

English - excellent command
Spanish - native speaker

Adrián started mountaineering very young. While he was a porter in Aconcagua, he joined the EPGAMT guiding school in Mendoza and graduated as a High Altitude Mountain Guide in 1999. Depending on which season, Adrián spreads his time in between mountain guiding, teaching first aid WFR courses and mountain biking. Al of these in large numbers: led 36 expeditions to Mount Aconcagua, taught over 32 WFR courser and cycled over 13,000 km in a single cycling trip in South America.

Adrian participated in a large number of expeditions in the Andes of Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru and the Alps of France, Italy, and Switzerland. Although he looks pretty serious, anyone who spends 5 minutes with him will soon figure out what a funny character he actually is!

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Gabriel Rocamora

High altitude mountain guide and rock climbing guide

Language skills:

English - near native speaker
Spanish - native speaker

Gabriel is an extremely relaxed guy who guides for over 15 years and has summited giants like Aconcagua and Fitz Roy a bunch of times! He is our local specialist at the Argentine Patagonia. Guiding treks, glaciers walks, polar traverses, classic climbs, high altitude expeditions or anything that has mountains on it, Gabriel shares his time between Central Andes and Patagonia. Apart from being a professional mountain guide, he’s also a very skilled skier. Gabriel has worked as ski patrol for several years. He now lives at Arenales, a huge paradise of trad and alpine climbing just a few hours away from Mendoza in Argentina.

Gabriel Rocamora looks and sounds very humble when he talks about his experience. Don’t be mistaken, the man is a beast:

  • Professional high altitude mountain guide for over 15 years
  • 27 summits on Aconcagua
  • 4 summits on Fitz Roy by different routes
  • Huascarán, Alpamayo and many others in Peru
  • Several climbs and new ascents at Fitz Roy’s neighbours like Egger, Desmochada, etc
  • Ice climbing guide at Chaltén
  • Alpine rock climbing guide at Arenales
  • Several rock lines at Yosemite NP (El Capitan, Diamond, Devil’s Tower, etc)
  • Ski patrol and rescuer
  • Physical Education Teacher

Beyond his titles and achievements, Gabriel’s philosophy about guiding is to put all his energy into it making people feel an unique and enjoyable experience.

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Alex Ribeiro

Rock climbing guide

Language skills:

English - excellent command
Portuguese - native speaker

Climber and mountaineer for over 25 years, Alex began climbing and mountaineering in 1990. A man of few words, Alex Ribeiro is a rock climbing reference in Brazil. He's the author of 2 climbing books, "Dividir and Conquistar" (To Share and To Conquer, 2000) and "Manual de abertura de vias" (Route Opening Manual, 2013). Additionally, he has written dozens of articles for magazines, websites, and newspapers.

Conqueror of over 200 climbing routes in several Brazilian states, some of his routes are amongst the largest climbing routes in Brazil. He's also an Industrial Rope Access Supervisor and is a certified rescuer in height and confined spaces.

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