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On 31st of January at exactly 2 pm in local time, it was when finally reached the summit of Aconcagua at height of 6,961 m (22,837 ft) after pushing for more than 7 hours of struggle in extreme conditions with strong winds and temperature as low as -35 °C in very low oxygen levels.

Although this was expected conditions at the top of the highest mountain in the world outside of Asia and the roof of the Americas enduring this, in reality, consumed everything I could physically and mentally give but in return gave me one of the best experiences in my life, something will stay with me forever. Storms were not only outside they were raging inside too, fear and hope, worry and determination, tears of both pain and joy. Eyes were focused on the next footstep while the mind was on the top.
No thanks will be enough for Maximo Kausch and his amazing team of Andes Specialists, a team you can trust with your life.
My endless appreciation for every single person in this amazing climbing group. Honestly, with you guys it became possible and turned into an unforgettable adventure, you guys rock andaconcagua-jan-2018? it was my honor to get to know each one of you.
A Shout out to George Kalbin, Felix, Fabian Hugelshofer, Ryan Pyle, Jesse Rosenberg, Chad Ingraham, Caio Vilela, Kristen, Fiona, Kurt Schobesberger, Yan, and Quentin.
A special shout-out to the Brazilian team,aconcagua-jan-2018❤️ the beating heart of this expedition who brought energy and warmth into the coldness of Aconcagua, your laughs will be always a sweet memory.aconcagua-jan-2018?aconcagua-jan-2018?
THANK YOU all, It was like magic. – Mahmoud Amer

Mahmoud Amer
18/01/2018 - Aconcagua Jan, 2018

I’m very thankful, happy and willing to be part of another trip with you, great guides!! We loved the experience, both guides were very professional, respectful and extremely adaptable to any circumstances.

14/02/2016 - Mendoza to Santiago crossing trek
jonatar e

The glacier school was above all my expectations. The guide’s experience and patient were fundamental for the final result: me reaching the summit of Huayna Potosi.

Jonatar Evaristo
10/07/2015 - Glacier School – Bolivia
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