Cachi / El Libertador 6380m

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Cachi (also called El Libertador) is a mountain range in Argentina with an elevation of 6380 metres. Cachi is within the following mountain ranges: Argentine Andes, Puna de Atacama, Sierra de Cachi. It is the highest of Sierra de Cachi. It is located at the Argentinean province of Salta. Its slopes are at the Argentinean city of Cachi.

Based on the elevation provided by the available Digital elevation models, SRTM (6343m), ASTER (6355m), ALOS (6348m), SRTM filled with ASTER (6342m), TanDEM-X(6383m), and also a handheld GPS survey by Maximo Kausch on 09/2012 (6350 meters), Cachi is about 6380 meters above sea level.The height of the nearest key col is 4234 meters so its prominence is 2146 meters. Cachi is listed as mountain range, based on the Dominance system and its dominance is 33.64%.

NameCachi / El Libertador
Dominance %33.64%
Key Lat/Lon-26.0679,-67.6366
Key Col Alt4234
Parent PeakOjos del Salado -27.1095,-68.5408
Dominance Classmountain range
DEM Avg. Altitude6342
Maximo Kausch data6350
TitleHighest of Sierra de Cachi
First Ascent infoOliviero Pellicelli (Italy), Arne Hoygaard (Norway) and Pedro Miguel Di Pasquo (Argentina) - 14/02/1950
First Ascent SourceBOOK: El Nevado de Cachi AUTHOR: Christian Vitry
First Ascent NotesPre columbian ascent evidence
Argentina CityCachi
Argentina ProvinceSalta
Mountain Range Level 1Argentine Andes
Mountain Range Level 2Puna de Atacama
Mountain Range Level 3Sierra de Cachi

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