Rock Climbing Course – Rio de Janeiro - 4 to 7 days


Rock Climbing Course – Rio de Janeiro - All year round

This rock climbing course is taught by our rock climbing specialist Alex Ribeiro in the city of Rio. It is destined to those who are travelling, working or are in vacations in Rio. There is a total of 8 theoretical and practical classes lasting 2 to 3 hours each in average. We can merge or split these according to your availability.

Classes are held outdoors at Morro da Urca, Babilônia and also at Cantagalo, all traditional climbing locations in the wonderful city of Rio de Janeiro.

Please note we DO NOT accept groups larger than 2 people.

Content of the course:

This course focuses on the basic technical procedures so that the climber can perform on climbing routes with fixed protection so he or she can climb safely and independently.

After teaching the basics of rock climbing, we’ll go through history, ethics, leading techniques, rappelling and safety procedures. These are some specifics:

Introduction to rock climbing equipment:

  • Ropes;
  • Harnesses;
  • Carabiners;
  • Quickdraws;
  • Abseiling devices;
  • Slings;
  • Cords;
  • Helmets;
  • Rock climbing shoes;

Introduction to climbing knots:

  • Figure of eight;
  • Clove hitch;
  • Double fisherman knot;
  • Italian hitch;
  • Overhand knot;
  • Prusik knot;

Rock climbing concepts:

  • Rock climbing types;
  • Climbing grades;
  • Equalised belay station;
  • How to belay;
  • Backing up a rappel;
  • Setting up intermediate protection;
  • Climbing ethics and environmental sustainability;


Rock Climbing Course – Rio de Janeiro - 4 to 7 days

Lesson 1 – Grade 3 50 metre climb – 2 hours

  • Presentation, use of equipment, climbing material’s care and strength
  • 1st part on knots (Figure of eight, Threaded figure of eight, overhand knot)
  • Belaying a leader
  • Climbing techniques (use of climbing holds, positioning, feet placements)

Lesson 2 – Grade 3-IV 60 metre climb – 2 hours

  • Climbing techniques – 1s part
  • 2nd part on knots (Fisherman, Prussik, Machard)
  • Rappeling techniques

Lesson 3 – Grade 3-IV 20 metre climb – 2 hours

  • 3rd part of knots (tape knot, Italian hitch, clove hitch)
  • Abseiling without devices (Italian hitch and Yosemite techniques)
  • Climbing technique – grip
  • Ascending fixed ropes

Lesson 4 – Grade 3 100 metre climb – 3 hours

  • Knots: review of 1st and 2nd parts
  • Rock protections (use and resistance)
  • Climbing technique – Chimney

Lesson 5 – Grade 3-lV 120 metre climb – 3 hours

  • Knots: review of part 3
  • Mountain Hazards
  • Climbing technique – cracks

Lesson 6 – Grade 4 120 metre climb – 3 hours

  • Belay stations (basic assembly)
  • Belaying a second climber

Lesson 7 – Grade lV 180 metre climb – 3 hours

  • General review
  • Planning your climbs
  • Climbing ethics

Lesson 8 – Graduation day – 4 to 5 hours

Based on your skills we will choose one of the big classic climbs in Rio and go for it!


Please note we include the following climbing equipment:

  • Harness
  • Helmet
  • Carabiners
  • Ropes
  • Climbing slings
  • Climbing shoes
  • Abseiling devices

We DO NOT include the following equipment:

  • Hat or cap

    For sun protection

    Quantity: 1
  • camiseta dry


    Synthetic fibre long or short sleeve t-shirt

    Quantity: 1
  • Caláa de Trekking

    Trekking pants

    Light trekking pants

    Quantity: 1
Other Equipment
  • Day snack

    1 snack kit for each day of the course. You can take anything which can be easily transported.

    Quantity: 1
  • Sunscreen

    25fps or above, any brand

    Quantity: 1
  • Water Bottle

    Any sort of water container for hydration

    Quantity: 2 litres
  • Small Rucksack

    25 to 35 litres for water, food and personal belongings

    Quantity: 1


View photos of Alex Ribeiro:

Alex Ribeiro

Rock climbing guide

Language skills:

English - excellent command
Portuguese - native speaker

Climber and mountaineer for over 25 years, Alex began climbing and mountaineering in 1990. A man of few words, Alex Ribeiro is a rock climbing reference in Brazil. He's the author of 2 climbing books, "Dividir and Conquistar" (To Share and To Conquer, 2000) and "Manual de abertura de vias" (Route Opening Manual, 2013). Additionally, he has written dozens of articles for magazines, websites, and newspapers.

Conqueror of over 200 climbing routes in several Brazilian states, some of his routes are amongst the largest climbing routes in Brazil. He's also an Industrial Rope Access Supervisor and is a certified rescuer in height and confined spaces.



Cost varies according to the number of participants, contact us to know payment methods:

Price for 1 person: U$ 500
Price for 2 persons: U$ 400

What’s included:

  • English speaking instructor;
  • All rock climbing equipment: climbing shoes, helmet, harness, carabiners, slings, etc
  • First aid kit;

What’s not included:

  • Personal equipment (check equipment tab);
  • Food and drinks;
  • Money return in case you abandon the trip;
  • Reimbursement for loss or damage of your personal equipment.
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