Rock Climbing Course – Curitiba - 4 days


Rock Climbing Course – Curitiba - All year round

Our weekend course includes all you need to be able to attend theoretical and practical classes and learn all the basics on rock climbing. The course will take place in 2 different parts: the theoretical part will be at Capão Raso, Curitiba. The practical activities will take place at Quatro Barras, a neighbour city of Curitiba. Activities will be at Morro do Anhangava, a granite peak reached by 30 minute walk. The whole course lasts 20 hours.

Content of the course:

This course focuses on the basic technical procedures so that the climber can perform on climbing routes with fixed protection so he or she can climb safely and independently.

After teaching the basics of rock climbing, we’ll go through history, ethics, leading techniques, rappelling and safety procedures. The theoretical classes are carried out in Curitiba. These are some specifics:

Introduction to rock climbing equipment (theoretical class in Curitiba):

  • Ropes;
  • Harnesses;
  • Carabiners;
  • Quickdraws;
  • Abseiling devices;
  • Slings;
  • Cords;
  • Helmets;
  • Rock climbing shoes;

Introduction to climbing knots (theoretical class in Curitiba):

  • Figure of eight;
  • Clove hitch;
  • Double fisherman knot;
  • Italian hitch;
  • Overhand knot;
  • Prusik knot;

Rock climbing concepts (classes at Quatro Barras):

  • Rock climbing types;
  • Climbing grades;
  • Equalised belay station;
  • How to belay;
  • Backing up a rappel;
  • Setting up intermediate protection;
  • Climbing ethics and environmental sustainability;

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Rock Climbing Course – Curitiba - 4 days

Day 1 – Thursday

We’ll meet at Rua Winston Churchill 1481 – Capão Raso, Curitiba for the theoretical classes. Theoretical classes will be split in 2 days of 4:30 hours. Our class today starts at 6pm.

Day 2 – Friday

Second part of theoretical class. Starts at 6pm.

Day 3 – Saturday

Our practical classes depart from Curitiba at 7am and take place at Anhangava at Quatro Barras for the whole day. We go back to Curitiba for the night.

Day 4 – Sunday

Our practical classes depart from Curitiba at 7am and take place at Anhangava at Quatro Barras for the whole day. We go back to Curitiba for the night.

* In case of bad weather, practical classes will be postponed to a future date.


Having good equipment is one of the key points to have a safe and enjoyable course.

The following equipment is INCLUDED in our course:

  • Harness;
  • Rock climbing shoes;
  • Helmet;
  • Carabiners;
  • Ropes;
  • Climbing slings;
  • Abseiling devices.

This is what we DON’T include and you need to have:

  • Hat or cap

    For sun protection

    Quantity: 1
  • xNxExplorer noir vert J

    Sunglasses (cat 3 or 4)

    With side protection to fit your face

    Quantity: OPTIONAL
  • GG

    Sunscreen and lip balm

    30 FPS or more

    Quantity: OPTIONAL
  • Snowproof jacket

    A good snow, rain and windproof jacket

    Quantity: OPCIONAL
  • camiseta dry


    Synthetic fibre long or short sleeve t-shirt

    Quantity: OPTIONAL
  • Fleece jacket

    Used alone or as part of a layer system for better performance

    Quantity: OPTIONAL
  • Caláa de Trekking

    Trekking pants

    Light trekking pants

    Quantity: Optional
  • Sandals or crocs

    Sandals or crocs for river crossing or hanging around camp

    Quantity: OPTIONAL
Other Equipment
  • Day snack

    1 snack kit for each day of the course. You can take anything which can be easily transported.

    Quantity: 1
  • Sunscreen

    25fps or above, any brand

    Quantity: 1
  • Water Bottle

    Any sort of water container for hydration

    Quantity: 2 litres
  • Small Rucksack

    25 to 35 litres for water, food and personal belongings

    Quantity: 1


Can I take children to the course?

Yes, provided they are accompanied by parents or have written permission. Our course is not recommended for children under 12 years.

When I’m done with the course, will I be able to climb anything?

No. Our course teaches basic climbing techniques and safety procedures. It depends on you to improve your skills later.

Do I have to have climbing equipment to go the course?

No. We provide all climbing equipment. However if you already have some of the equipment, we’d appreciate it if you bring it as it probably suits you better than our’s.

Does the course includes food?

Our course doesn’t include food. You should take snack with you such as sandwiches, etc.

I have some health problems, can I be an student?

No. Climbing is an adventure sport that requires physical exertion. Therefore it is not recommended for students who have health or emotional problems. It also not recommended for students who are afraid of heights or have depression.

Can I take the course alone?

Yes. However we recommend you to take a friend whom you might be able to climb in the future.

Is your course certified?

Unfortunately Brazil doesn’t have such thing as climbing certifications. However please know we use the highest standards in the country.

View photos of Pedro Hauck:
View links about Pedro Hauck:

Pedro Hauck

Expedition leader and rock climbing instructor

Pedro is sponsored by the following brands:


Language skills:

Portuguese - native speaker
English - excellent command
Spanish -  near native speaker

Pedro Hauck is a geographer, has masters in Physical Geography, Ph.D. in geology and is a very experienced mountaineer for the last 17 years. He has taught several rock climbing courses as well as climbing customized courses, teaching hundreds of people on how to climb.

Pedro is now one of the most experienced climbers in South America. At the Andes alone, Pedro has climbed 39 x 6000 metre peaks! As expedition leader, Pedro has led several expeditions bringing safety and a lot of useful information to our clients. Pedro is extremely easy going and loves to teach! He is the kind of guy who is very happy on teaching anyone about geology and geography. So during our expeditions, make sure you DON’T ask him about geology, otherwise, you might have to listen to a 2-day class.

On his spare time, Pedro Hauck runs the largest news website in Brazil ( and wrote many useful articles about dozens of mountaineering topics.

Voluntarily participated in the organization of Brazilian mountaineering and has served as director of the Brazilian Mountaineering Confederation. For 6 years, he fought against access prohibitions in several Brazilian climbing areas.

In September 2014 Pedro has climbed all the 14 Bolivian 6000 metre peaks in 4 weeks! Pedro completed the project without any support or assistance. Currently, Pedro has reached the top of 36 x 6000 metre summits as well as other 55 high altitude climbs.

A very experienced rock climber, Pedro has extensive knowledge in bouldering, sports climbing, trad and aid climbing. He has been to at least 80 rock climbing areas in South America.


Golden Carabiner 2015 - Brazil: For his '6000+ Bolivian Andes' project, Maximo Kausch and Pedro Hauck were chosen to receive the mountaineering Golden Carabiner of 2015. This prize is given to the most accomplished climbs or projects of the year.

Mount Everest Foundation 2015: Mount Everest Foundation UK, has chosen Max's exploring project and decided to finance part of it in May 2015. The prize is given to the more significant exploring projects worldwide.

More about Pedro Hauck

Facebook athlete page

Instagram Page

Personal Website

Mountaineering CV



Cost varies according to the number of participants, contact us to know payment methods:

Price for 1 person: U$ 395
Price for 2 persons: U$ 335
Price for 3 persons: U$ 265
Price for 4 persons: U$ 200

What’s included:

  • Climbing instructors;
  • All climbing equipment;
  • Personal insurance;
  • Discount at Loja AltaMontanha;
  • Transport from/to Anhangava.

What’s NOT included:

  • Transport to/from Curitiba;
  • Basic outdoor equipment – Check equipment tab;
  • Any sort of meals during the course.
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