Mont Roraima – Brazil/Venezuela - 11 days


Mont Roraima – Brazil/Venezuela - 11 days – USD 990 special discount)

Expedition open to bookings!

Mount Roraima, located on the triple border of Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana, is currently one of the most desired mountains in South America. Incredible landscapes of great scenic beauty; long, pleasant and easy walks; inspiring stories and legends are the attractions of this tour.

Famous for Conan Doyle’s novel about the Lost World, Roraima is a mountain unlike any other, with a summit of over 30 kilometers square , home to prehistoric monsters according to the British writer. Despite the fantasy, the summit landscape does inspire a lost world due to many strange geological forms, such as stone towers, caves, deep crevices, waterfalls, icy lakes, and somewhat exotic vegetation, often shrouded in mist.

Even in the middle of the Amazon basin, the Roraima region is not surrounded by forests, but by the “Gran Sabana”, a type of Venezuelan grasslands that extends through Brazil. This landscape will be part of the early days of trekking.

The access and services  to Mount Roraima are all Venezuelan. Otherwise, the base of expedition it will be the city of Boa Vista, the capital city of the State of Roraima in the north of Brazil. After all the member join the group in Brazil, we will move by road to the small city of Santa Elena do Uairén, located on the border. Access is through an indigenous village, Paraitepuy, the entry point to Canaima’s Venezuelan National Park.

As Roraima is localted in the border with Brazil, we will not be affected by the Venezuelan crises. So, you don´t need to be afraid by that. Food, and camping equipament will be provided.



Mont Roraima – Brazil/Venezuela - 11 days

Mont Roraima Trekking – 11 days
Distance: approximately 87 km
Accumulated Altimetry: 1920m

Day 1 – Flight to Boa Vista

Provided: Overnight in hotel and transportation. Lunch and dinner NOT included.

Today is reserved for arrival in Boa Vista in Brazil. Our staff will meet you at the airport and then take you to Hotel Uiramutam.

Day 2 – Boa Vista – Santa Elena de Uairén – 850m

Provided: Transportation, hotel overnight and breakfast. Lunch and dinner NOT included.

We will have a meeting at 9am at Hotel Uiramutam. Briefing is mandatory and we will cover all aspects of the expedition. The departure from Boa Vista will be at 11am bound for Santa Elena de Uairén (220km). Arrival is scheduled for 6pm at Hotel Gran Sabana in Santa Elena de Uairén.

Day 3 – Santa Elena of Uairén – Paraitepui – River Tek (or Kukenan) – 1050m

Provided: Breakfast, transportation, trail snack, dinner and overnight in tents.

After breakfast, we will depart from Santa Elena de Uairén in 4 × 4 vehicles to the Paraitepui indigenous community (2 hours trip). On the way we will make the registration in the National Park. We will walk approximately 5 hours (12km) to camp on the Kukenan River. We will set up camp and still have time to get to know the area, take pictures and rest. In a river near the camp we can bathe.

Day 4 – Tek River (or Kukenan) – Base Camp – 1870m

Provided: Breakfast, trail snack, dinner and overnight in tents.

We will have breakfast and leave at about 8am towards the base of Mont Roraima. The route is 9km, with 800 meters of altitude gain, we will also cross the Kukenan River. We estimate 4-6 hours for this. In the evening we will have dinner.

Day 5 – Base Camp – Summit – Maverick – 2820m

Provided: Breakfast, trail snack, dinner and overnight in tents.

We will only have 5 km of walk, however we will gain 800 meters of altitude. We will have a very winding and steep trail through the woods that leads us quickly to the wall of Roraima. We will walk through a dense forest. This will be one of the most beautiful moments of the trail, with stops along the way for photos and rest. The whole route will take 4 to 6 hours to be done and we will have water at 3 points of the trail. We will reach 2800 meters altitude and for this reason the temperature will drop considerably. If weather alows, we can still visit the Maverick rock which is the highest point of the entire 2820m summit.

Day 6 – Triple Border – Valley of the Crystals – Coati Camp – 2800m

Provided: Breakfast, trail snack, dinner and overnight in tents.

After breakfast, we will start the 4-5 hour hike to Camp Coati, which is on the Brazilian side. On the way we will stop at the triple border Brazil / Venezuela / English Guiana. Only 300 meters away we have the Valley of the Crystals. A curious point where there are thousands of small crystals and curious formations. In less than an hour’s walk we reach the Coati Hotel, which is a huge sandstone cave where dozens of tents fit. There is a kind of hall where you can see the sky.

Day 7 – Coati Camp – Gladys Lake – Proa Lookout – 2800m

Provided: Breakfast, trail snack, dinner and overnight in tents.

Those who are willing can leave early to watch the sunrise from the Roraiminha lookout (a smaller tepui), located 500 meters from Coati. We’ll have breakfast and a 5km walk towards Gladys Lake, a curious lake at the bottom of a collapsed ceiling cave. On the way we will eat the trail snack and then follow the huge crevice that divides the bow of the Roraima. This will be the northernmost point of our itinerary where we can see beautiful landscapes of Guyana’s equatorial forest. We will return to Camp Coati for dinner and sleep. Those who prefer a little rest, they can stay at camp.

Day 8 – Coati Camp – El Foso – Ventana – Yacuzi – Hotel Sucre – 2800m

Provided: Breakfast, trail snack, dinner and overnight in tents.

We will visit the curious Ventana, which is a rock formation that resembles a window, where we can see the distant Amazon rainforest. On the way we have the Yacuzis which are pools that resemble jacuzi baths. After walking for 2 hours from Coati, we will be in Foso, which is a large hole 10 meters in diameter and inside has a small lake. You can get inside by a winding path.

Day 9 – Return to the Tek River – 1050m

Provided: Breakfast, trail snack, dinner and overnight in tents.

After breakfast, we will go for a day of hiking of approximately 7 hours and 1600 altitude loss. The first three hours of descent are quite abrupt and care must be taken. We will eat our trail snack at base camp and then head to the Tek River camp where we will have our last dinner. Before arriving at Tek River we will have 2 rivers to cross.

Day 10 – Descent to Santa Elena de Uairen

Provided: Breakfast, lunch, transportation and overnight in hotel. Dinner NOT included.

After a 4 hour walk we will reach Paraitepui, where we will have our 4 × 4 vehicles waiting for us with fruit and cold drinks. We will have lunch on the way and then continue to Santa Elena de Uairen where we will have the Anaconda Hotel booked.

Day 11 – Boa Vista

Provided: Breakfast, lunch, transportation to Boa Vista and transport to the airport.

Return home. Departure from Santa Elena de Uairén will be in the morning with expected arrival before 3pm in Boa Vista. On the way we will stop for lunch near the Brazilian border.

Day 12 – Return Day (extra)

Provided: Breakfast, hotel and airport transportation.

If there is no flight schedule the day before, you can fly today.


**The itinerary available here is subject to change due to weather conditions, group performance or other situations.

Having good mountaineering equipment is one of the key points to have a safe and enjoyable trek.

We suggest this checklist: 

  • Backpack with at least 65 liters and rain cover
  • Waterproof and pre-softened hiking boot
  • Thermal insulation
  • Sleeping bag to -5ºC (comfort)
  • Trekking pants
  • Dry fit t-shirt
  • Long sleeve blouse to protect the arms
  • Fleece
  • Anorak
  • Anorak pants
  • Gloves for cold
  • Hat
  • Buff
  • Baby wipes
  • Toothpaste and brush
  • Snacks
  • Photographic camera
  • Plate, cutlery and cup
  • Clean clothes to return home


Where will we meet?

We will meet at Boa Vista International Airport – Atlas Brazil Cantanhede (BVB), then we will go to the Uiramutam Hotel. You can flight there from Brasilia, the capital city of Brazil or Manaus. There is no international flights in Boa Vista, but the 3 biggest airlines companies of Brazil works on there and they have codeshare flights.

Where will I stay?

We will stay overnight in a 3 star hotel in Boa Vista called Uiramutam (Brazil) on the first day and in Santa Elena (Venezuela) for 2 nights at Hotel Gran Sabana. During the trekking we will sleep in tents. Two people per tent.

Can I use a card to pay for things in Venezuela?

No. In Venezuela you will rarely be able to pay by card. You should take whatever you’ll spend on Money. They accept US Dolars and Brazilian Reais. No need to buy Venezuelan Bolivars.

How much cash do I need to take?

Average spending rarely exceeds $ 200. That is enough for everything including a porter.

Are there any discounts for groups?

If you have a group, send us a message. We can assure a good deal for you.

Can young children go?

No, as this trekking is very long and physically demanding, we decided 15 years old should be the minimum age.

Do you provide any equipment?

We provide equipment for collective use such as tents, kitchen utensils and first aid kits. You need to bring your personal gear.

How much weight will I carry?

If you respect the equipment list, your average weight will be 10kg. If you have a good backpack, there is no reason why you can’t carry this weight. If you find difficult, you can hire a porter.

If I want to leave in the middle of trekking can I ask for a helicopter?

Yes, and we recommend you have rescue insurance. If your reason for leaving is personal, you will be charged for the flight, we can order a helicopter for you for $ 2200.

What if the weather forecast is bad?

Our priority is safety. Even with some adverse conditions, we can still go trekking. However, we chose the month that has the best weather conditions, tending to be very dry. But in the case of heavy rain we will adapt the middle of the itinerary so the return date is not affected.

What will we eat during the expedition?

The menu is defined with the information described in the medical chart. So if you are vegetarian, do not worry.

What is the trail snack?

The trail snack will always be light, energy-efficient and easy to prepare, such as chocolates, isotonics, sandwiches and grains. We also have some fruits, such as apples and pears.

What is the age limit to participate in the trip?

We accept adventurers between 15 and 65 years old on this trip.

Do you have a vaccine requirement for this trip?

We request the yellow fever vaccine which should be taken at least 10 days prior to travel. The international vaccination card can be requested at any airport. It is a mandatory item.

What is the experience required for this trip?

It is important that you have already taken trails longer than 6 hours and it is essential that you are not afraid of Heights.

How will we poop?

Nothing solid will be left on Mount Roraima, including number 2. For this, we will have toilet tents and then we will take our remains back to the city.

Is there any way I can charge my cell phone on the mountain?

We have no electricity at Monte Roraima. You should take a “power bank” to recharge your phone while trekking.

Are there any hotels up there?

These “hotels” we mentioned in the itinerary are rock caves so large that they were dubbed the hotel.



The total investment of the expedition is 990 USD (special discount)

* For payment in installments on credit card or deposit> USD1100,00
* Check conditions for special discount

What is included:

  • Andes Specialists Guide throughout the trekking / or Local Guide Partner
  • Local bilingual guides
  • Transfer from / to airport in Boa Vista (BRAZIL)
  • 2 nights in a double / triple room at Hotel Uiramutam in Boa Vista
  • 2 nights in a double / triple room in Santa Elena de Uairén (Venezuela)
  • Transportation 4 × 4 Boa Vista / Santa Elena de Uairén / Paraitepui – round trip
  • Trekking meal: breakfast, trail lunch and dinner
  • Two-person tents throughout the trek
  • First aid kit
  • Camping Equipment: Tents, Kitchen Supplies
  • Porters for group equipment, like tents and food
  • Permissions fees and National Park entrances
  • Toilet tents

What is NOT included:

  • Flight tickets to / from Boa Vista (BRAZIL)
  • Redemption insurance
  • Lunch and dinner in Boa Vista and Santa Elena de Uairén
  • Personal equipment porter
  • Personal equipment
  • Helicopter Rescue (2200 USD)
  • Satellite Phone Calls
  • Other tours not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Sleeping bag and thermal insulation
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