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Andes Specialists came about from Maximo Kausch’s passion for mountaineering. He grew up in Argentina and began his climbing career in the Andes, before moving to the UK and spending a decade guiding Himalayan expeditions. Although his primary focus was on the Himalayas during this time, somehow he always looked back to the Andes.

His Andean dream became real in 2012 when he decided to embark upon a hugely ambitious project: to climb all the 104 x 6000 metre peaks in the Andes. After launching 180 expeditions and having climbed 70 of the Andean 6000ers, Max believes there is so much more out there: “The more I climb in the Andes, the more summits appear on the horizon and the more I realise I haven’t climbed anything! People have to see this!”

During the 6000 metre Andean project, he made many contacts in the guiding industry and decided to set up a network of highly skilled professional guides; experts in every region of the Andes. Unlike intermediary travel agencies who overcharge customers and underpay local guides, Andes Specialists provide a unique link between clients and professionals with unparalleled local knowledge. Andes Specialists will make sure you have the experience of a lifetime.

Andes Specialists, experts on making dreams come true

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