Salcantay 6264m

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Salcantay is a mountain sub-system in Peru with an elevation of 6264 metres. Salcantay is within the following mountain ranges: Peruvian Andes, Cordillera Oriental de Peru, Vilcabamba. It is the highest of Vilcabamba. Its territory is within the Peruvian protection area of Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu. It is on the border of 3 provinces: Peruvian provinces of Urubamba and Anta and La Convencion. Its slopes are within 5 cities: Peruvian cities of Machupicchu and Santa Teresa and Mollepata and Limatambo and Ollantaytambo.

Based on the elevation provided by the available Digital elevation models, SRTM2 (6258m), ASTER (6239m), ALOS (6220m), SRTM filled with ASTER (6258m), TanDEM-X(6043m), , Salcantay is about 6264 meters above sea level.The height of the nearest key col is 3726 meters so its prominence is 2538 meters. Salcantay is listed as mountain sub-system, based on the Dominance system and its dominance is 40.52%.

Dominance %40.52%
Key Lat/Lon-13.4401,-72.3576
Key Col Alt3726
Parent PeakOjos del Salado -27.1095,-68.5408
Dominance Classmountain sub-system
DEM Avg. Altitude6258
TitleHighest of Vilcabamba
First Ascent infoFred Ayres, George Bell, Graham Matthews, David Michael (USA), Claude Kogan and Bernard Pierre (France) - 05/08/1952
First Ascent SourceBOOK: Le Ande AUTHOR: Fantin PAGE: 87 / BOOK: La Conquête du Salcantay, Géant des Andes AUTHOR: Bernard Pierre DATE: 1954 / JOURNAL: AAJ (American Alpine Journal) DATE: 1953 PAGE: 387
First Ascent NotesBronimanny and Marx (Switzerland) climbed the eastern summit on July 1952, at that time, it was lower than main one. The west summit was slightly higher than the east one, due to a serac that later collapsed. Today, both summits are practically the same height ( - Research by Guillermo Almaraz
Peru CityMachupicchu, Santa Teresa, Mollepata, Limatambo, Ollantaytambo
Peru ProvinceUrubamba, Anta, La Convencion
Peru DepartmentCusco
Peru Protection AreaHistoric Sanctuary of Machu Picchu
Mountain Range Level 1Peruvian Andes
Mountain Range Level 2Cordillera Oriental de Peru
Mountain Range Level 3Vilcabamba

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