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Mirador de los Geologos is a mountain in Argentina with an elevation of 5093 metres. Mirador de los Geologos is within the following mountain ranges: Argentine Andes, Andes Centrales. Its territory is within the Argentinean protection area of Aconcagua Provincial Park. It is located at the Argentinean province of Mendoza. Its slopes are at the Argentinean city of Las Heras.

Based on the elevation provided by the available Digital elevation models, SRTM filled with ASTER (5093m), TanDEM-X(5121m), , Mirador de los Geologos is about 5093 meters above sea level.The height of the nearest key col is 4582 meters so its prominence is 511 meters. Mirador de los Geologos is listed as mountain, based on the Dominance system and its dominance is 10.03%.

NameMirador de los Geologos
Dominance %10.03%
Key Lat/Lon-32.694,-69.9122
Key Col Alt4582
Parent PeakAconcagua -32.6532,-70.0112
Dominance Classmountain
DEM Avg. Altitude5093
First Ascent infoDaniel Perez and Victor Ramos - 23/02/1989
First Ascent SourceJOURNAL: Personal Interview AUTHOR: Claudio Fredes DATE: 2021
First Ascent NotesPablo David Gonzalez and Claudio "Frodo" Fredes climbed it January 2021 and found a note from the 1st ascent. The peak was named "Mirador" in 1989 and they changed to "Mirador de los Geologos" (honouring the 2 geolists from Buenos Aires) so it wouldn't be confused with the other nearby Mirador
Argentina CityLas Heras
Argentina ProvinceMendoza
Argentina Protection AreaAconcagua Provincial Park
Mountain Range Level 1Argentine Andes
Mountain Range Level 2Andes Centrales

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