Solimana 6093m

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Solimana is a mountain subrange in Peru with an elevation of 6093 metres. Solimana is within the following mountain ranges: Peruvian Andes, Cordillera Occidental de Peru. Its territory is within the Peruvian protection area of Cotahuasi Reserve. It is on the border of 2 provinces: Peruvian provinces of Condesuyos and La Union. Its slopes are within 4 cities: Peruvian cities of Salamanca and Chichas and Toro and Cotahuasi.

Based on the elevation provided by the available Digital elevation models, SRTM (6020m), ASTER (6010m), ALOS (6105m), TanDEM-X(6015m), , Solimana is about 6093 meters above sea level.The height of the nearest key col is 4632 meters so its prominence is 1461 meters. Solimana is listed as mountain subrange, based on the Dominance system and its dominance is 23.98%.

Dominance %23.98%
Key Lat/Lon-15.3793,-72.5583
Key Col Alt4632
Parent PeakCoropuna -15.5458,-72.6607
Dominance Classmountain subrange
DEM Avg. AltitudeVOID
First Ascent infoMario Bignami (Italy) and Julián Blanco Herrera (Peru) - 02/08/1970
First Ascent SourceBOOK: Le Ande AUTHOR: Fantin / JOURNAL: AAJ (American Alpine Journal) DATE: 1971 PAGE: 421 / JOURNAL: Alpine Journal DATE: 1971 PAGE: 244-245
First Ascent NotesMany sources show Piero Ghiglione (Italy), Anders Bolinder (Sweden), Mathias Rebitsch (Austria) and Alberto Parodi (Peru) as first ascent inf 1952. However according to Parodi's report (AAJ 1971) they've summited the North summit and not the main summit. Also, the book Mas Alto que los Condores (ostrowski), AAJ 1954 page 203, The South Peruvian Andes - The Mountain World and The Himalaya Journal (Vol 18, 1954); , all agree with this - Research by Guillermo Almaraz
Peru CitySalamanca, Chichas, Toro, Cotahuasi
Peru ProvinceCondesuyos, La Union
Peru DepartmentArequipa
Peru Protection AreaCotahuasi Reserve
Mountain Range Level 1Peruvian Andes
Mountain Range Level 2Cordillera Occidental de Peru

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