Tres Cruces / Quimsachata 5536m

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Tres Cruces (also called Quimsachata) is a mountain in Chile with an elevation of 5536 metres. Tres Cruces is within the following mountain ranges: Chilean Andes, Puna de Atacama, Andean Volcaninc Belt (Central Part). Its territory is within the Chilean protection area of Isluga Volcano National Park. It is located at the Chilean province of Iquique. Its slopes are at the Chilean city of Colchane.

Based on the elevation provided by the available Digital elevation models, SRTM filled with ASTER (5536m), TanDEM-X(5584m), , Tres Cruces is about 5536 meters above sea level.The height of the nearest key col is 5064 meters so its prominence is 472 meters. Tres Cruces is listed as mountain, based on the Dominance system and its dominance is 8.53%.

NameTres Cruces / Quimsachata
Dominance %8.53%
Key Lat/Lon-19.1378,-68.8039
Key Col Alt5064
Parent PeakIsluga -19.1553,-68.8197
Dominance Classmountain
DEM Avg. Altitude5536
Chile CityColchane
Chile ProvinceIquique
Chile RegionTarapacá
Chile Protection AreaIsluga Volcano National Park
Mountain Range Level 1Chilean Andes
Mountain Range Level 2Puna de Atacama
Mountain Range Level 3Andean Volcaninc Belt (Central Part)

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